Highwood Group (Linked-In Post December 2022)

Highwood Group (Linked-In Post December 2022)

We always appreciate praise for our work! So imagine how pleased we were when Highwood Group described our timber frame installation at their award-winning Old Mansion House site in Eastleigh, Hampshire as "Millimetre perfect 👌🏼".

Our installers did a brilliant job fitting this great kit from Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited.

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Timber Frame at Old Mansion House site, Eastleigh

Timberframe works at Old Mansion House (South Stoneham Park) commenced in Winter 2022. SC4 Carpenters Ltd has been installing the timber frame for Taylor Lane Timber Ltd at the Highwood Group development at North Stoneham Park, Eastleigh, near Southampton, Hampshire since early 2018.

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