Bradfield Cricket Club's New Pavilion

Bradfield Cricket Club's New Pavilion

After our pavilion was burnt down due to an arson attack, the members of the club were concerned about the future of the club.

SC4 Carpenters Ltd helped with the design, application for planning permission and project managed the build process, and were sympathetic to the timing of available funding due to the cricket club having to apply for grants etc.

The ground work was completed during a very wet early spring; however, the timber frame was impressively erected in only a few hours.

The build progressed well considering certain later stages were delayed due to timetables attached to grant applications, however, SC4 were flexible enough to accommodate these delays efficiently.

The result is a Clubhouse that is fit for purpose and that has played a major part in the success of the club which has gone on to increase its membership to some 60 or more youth players of varying ages, and a senior membership of more than 50.


Recently we hosted a Laithwaites internal cricket competition where the sides were managed by David Gower and Michael Gatting. The facilities have also allowed us to include fixtures against Berkshire Ladies, which sometimes include one or two who play for the England Ladies.

The quality of the finished product is a testament to SC4 Carpenters Ltd and the cricket club has no hesitation in recommending the company and to that end we actively advertise SC4 at all our matches.

John Bargent, President
Bradfield Cricket Club

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Bradfield Cricket Club

Bradfield Cricket Club Pavilion rises from the ashes: After a devastating fire in 2012, SC4 Carpenters Ltd project managed the rebuild of BCC pavilion with the speed and efficiency of a 20/20 run chase.

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