American Dyslexia Study:

American Dyslexia Study

American Dyslexia Study

Rachael Suttacheep - 23-Jan-2020

Results of an American Study identifies working as a Carpenter as one of the Top Jobs for a person with Dyslexia due to greater awareness of spatial relationships.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to read and write words. Sometimes dyslexics transpose words or mix up numbers they are trying to read. This can lead to difficulty in the workplace. However, people with dyslexia may also have a number of gifts such as greater spatial awareness, the ability to pull out what information is important, visual thinking, and a greater understanding of how things work.


With greater awareness of spatial relationships, working as a carpenter may be a good job choice for a person with dyslexia. Carpenters create and fix wooden frameworks and buildings. The working environment can vary, from residential homes to building freeways and other large city structures. Carpentry must be learned through an apprenticeship, although some receive on-the-job training by working as a carpenter's assistant.

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