Celebrating dyslexia and neurodiversity in Construction:

Celebrating dyslexia and neurodiversity in Construction

Celebrating dyslexia and neurodiversity in Construction

Conrad Hall - 03-Feb-2022

In this article, Conrad Hall, owner/Director of SC4 Carpenters Lt discusses his 40 year career in construction and how his dyslexia and neurodiversity has contributed to his success

In January 2022, when I received my NVQ 7 in Senior Construction Management it was validation for years of hard work, experience and building belief in myself.

I've faced challenges my whole life including being:

  • Written off at school and told I'd never achieve anything
  • Accused of cheating or not trying when I got high marks in multi-choice and low in written papers
  • Told to write in CAPS or I'd never pass an exam
  • A victim of the highly criticised youth training scheme (YTS)
  • Unable to read for pleasure and having to read everything multiple times

Yet I didn't give up:

  • I put all my efforts into what I was good at - Maths, Technical Drawing, Carpentry and Metalwork
  • I did all the boring low paid carpentry grunt work with no on-site training or support
  • I stacked shelves in the supermarket when there was no other work
  • I put up with abuse as an agency carpenter with little site experience
  • And more abuse as an experienced carpenter when my rate of work was used to penalise those who were slower

So when I set up SC4 Carpenters with my business partners, Katy Hall, Simon Griffiths and Julie Griffiths, I vowed that we would treat our subcontractors with respect and without prejudice.

That was just the beginning of the learning curve. 

During almost 40 years in the industry:

  • I put all my efforts into learning everything I could about carpentry, timber frame installation, construction health & safety and management
  • I learnt that running your own business is 24-7 not 9-5
  • That dyslexia and neurodiversity may be disabling at times, but provide me with many strengths I need to be a successful carpenter and entrepreneur including creativity, spatial awareness and reasoning, problem solving and lateral thinking, being able to see the bigger picture, a great memory for numbers and having empathy for others
  • I learnt from being exploited, subbie-bashed, unfair contracts and clients going into liquidation
  • And from being discriminated against and witnessing elitism, racism, sexism and ableism in the construction industry
  • I experienced stress and depression as well as the elation successes bring
  • I survived the 1990/1 recession with 15%+ interest rates and no work
  • Our company survived the 2008/9 recession and the 2020/21 Covid-19 crisis

I am now the proud owner/Director of SC4 Carpenters Ltd, a thriving carpentry and decorating business that has been trading for over 21 years.

SC4 provides a high quality service as one of the leading carpentry companies in Hampshire and surrounding regions, building 100s of new homes every year.

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At SC4 we understand that our business needs all kinds of people with all kinds of skills. And we know that kindness, respect, coaching and mentoring can make a massive difference to someone's life and career.

But I didn't do this on my own.  - so thank you to all the people who've helped me along the way

  • All those people who said I couldn't do it - it just made me work harder to prove them wrong
  • Experienced carpenters who saw my potential, shared the tricks of the trade and mentored me
  • The dyslexia specialist who assessed me in my 30s and praised me for finding the solutions to my disability when I didn't even know I had one
  • Family who lent me money to buy expensive power tools and gave me time to repay them
  • My business partners who have been at my side building SC4 Carpenters Ltd over the last 21 years
  • All the subcontractors and staff at SC4 who work hard for our business every day
  • The clients who don't judge me when that email isn't written as clearly and concise as it could be
  • My NVQ 7 Assessor, Paul Morling from CITB Construction Skills, who went out of his way to put me at ease - I can't praise him enough.

So never give up, believe in yourself, embrace life-long learning and both the good and bad experiences, and remember accepting help, support and advice is a strength not a weakness.

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