Timber Frame Housing Vs Traditional Construction: What’s The Best Option For Your Next Construction Project?:

Timber Frame Housing Vs Traditional Construction: What’s The Best Option For Your Next Construction Project?

Timber Frame Housing Vs Traditional Construction: What’s The Best Option For Your Next Construction Project?

- 14-Sep-2021

For decades, most homes in the UK have been built using conventional construction methods, with assembly starting from the ground upwards using brick, stone, plaster, or stucco. This method has become the failsafe choice for most building projects, yet modern engineering and architecture has enabled the construction of timber framed housing instead. Timber frame houses are robust, cost-effective, and energy-efficient, a viable alternative to traditionally-built properties while offering greater flexibility to create a bespoke living space for the future.

What Are Timber Frame Houses?
Timber frame homes are constructed using a strong wooden structure that is formed from panels or post and beam. This proven method of construction has been practised for thousands of years, with today’s timber frame constructions combining strength and durability with architectural beauty.

Upright timbers, called posts, are joined to horizontal beams to provide rigidity, while trusses provide support for the roof without the need for impractical columns that restrict floor space. Therefore, a timber frame construction utilises space more effectively without detracting from the strength or energy-efficiency of the house.

Timber frame houses offer some noteworthy advantages over other types of builds, including:

1) Faster Construction Time: Timber construction is much quicker than other structural building frameworks because large sections of the frame are pre-manufactured and partially assembled off-site while groundwork preparation is completed. After delivery, the entire framework and roof (shell) can be assembled in less than a week depending of the size of the dwelling, compared to traditional steel or masonry builds that take considerably longer.

2) Lower Costs Prevent Budgets Spiralling: While initial design and construction costs are a little higher than purely brick-built or other masonry properties, significant savings during the project help to drive down the final price of timber framed houses. Labour costs are lower, delays due to poor weather are uncommon, and foundations don’t need to as deep on load points so less materials and time are required. Financial certainty reduces anxiety and underbudgeting, ensuring each construction completes on-time and without overspend.

3) Environmental Sustainability: When obtained from PEFC or FSC-certified sources, timber is regarded as a renewable material that retains carbon dioxide and consumes much less energy during construction than traditional homes. By opting for timber frame houses, construction companies can achieve a lower carbon footprint while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

4) Effective Insulation: Unlike traditional homes, where there’s a wide range of insulation options, structural insulated panels (SIPs) are the most effective and energy-efficient solution for timber framed houses. By enveloping the entire structure, SIPs increase overall energy efficiency and can be customised for each bespoke timber frame design.

The Importance Of Working With Accredited Timber Frame House Suppliers And Installers In The UK

As with all aspects of construction, it’s essential to partner with an accredited timber frame supplier and installer, with the experience and accreditations to complete the project to an excellent standard.

SC4 Carpenters are members of the Structural Timber Association (STA), utilising excellent technical knowledge and a highly skilled workforce to ensure we construct timber frame structures to the highest standards, achieving superior strength, insulation, and air tightness. We also combine specialist timber frames with turnkey design and build projects to deliver results more quickly and at more competitive prices than is possible with conventional construction. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 120 0776 or send us a message.

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