Working at Heights Safely :

Working at Heights Safely

Working at Heights Safely

Katy Hall - 17-Mar-2022

SC4 Carpenters Ltd takes health and safety extremely seriously. If you are working at heights at home or on site, please watch this video created by in collaboration with Jason Anker.

This is a FREE TO STREAM film with an extremely strong safety message. We'd like you to not only watch this film and heed its powerful warning but also share it in whichever way you see fit - via twitter, facebook, linked in, a company newsletter or your own website. It's an important film for all kinds of workers to see and one that forms the basis of Jason's campaign 'Proud 2b Safe' which finds its home here: Contact Outtakes on 0208 293 9888

A personal look into Jason's life through the eyes of his close friends and family. Jason Anker: A Fall From Height has been a huge success since it's release in 2010 and Jason himself is in constant demand as a speaker. Outtakes decided to focus on the impact of the event for this follow-up film, Jason Anker: Proud 2b Safe, which coincides with the launch of Jason's new initiative 'Proud 2b Safe'. It's a concept that he hopes will transform attitudes to safety by encouraging individual workers to sign up and commit to safe working on their own behalf - not just because a company tells them to. 

So, this time it's personal - Jason's children Abbi and Sam, now in their twenties, talk about growing up with their father, how proud they are of him and how sad his accident makes them- not for themselves but for Jason. Two of Jason's friends, who stuck by him through thick and thin, talk about their shock and disbelief - one of them had Jason's football boots in his kit bag at the time of the accident and couldn't bring himself to throw them away for years. By focussing on the human story and the true impact of Jason's accident we've made a film that applies to all workplaces and all workforces. 

Jason Anker: Proud 2b Safe is an essential training tool for any employer or trainer wishing to emphasise the value of personal safety to their workers.

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