Eco Sustainable timber-clad bungalow built in just 7 months

SC4 managed the turnkey build of this Eco Sustainable wooden bungalow, based on a variation of a Scottish long house, but with modern technology, for our clients in just 7 months.

The finished bungalow is a warm, efficient, bright, spacious and comfortable place to live - with and EPC of "98 A". This home is all electric with multiple eco and sustainable features including air source heat pump (ASHP), solar photovoltaic panels (PV) and storage battery, and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system.

“The one overriding fact about the whole building experience, and one that I’m grateful for, is that we found SC4 to undertake the whole process, they were marvellous!”

The bungalow was ordered by our clients as a timber frame SIPs self-build kit designed by a Scottish Architects practice, based in Skye and Glasgow. However, although the manufacturer offers a full turnkey option they didn’t have any contractors in the south of England.

Our clients chose SC4 as the obvious choice for this kind of build as, unlike many traditional builders, we have the know-how required and over 18 years experience of building in timber frame.

It was a difficult time to build, with the aftermath of Brexit and Covid just past and the onset of the war in Ukraine on the horizon. But our clients had sold their house, ordered the timber frame kit and were in a rental quite near the site, so they were committed to move ahead.

Project delivered on time and within agreed budget

Despite material prices escalating rapidly SC4 was able to provide a costing for the build within our clients’ budget. SC4’s knowledge of the planning and build process, including building control, enabled our clients to move into their new energy efficient bungalow on schedule at the end of September, seven months from the start.

SC4 project managed the whole process, solving any issues that arose. Timber frame installation, carpentry and decorating services were provided by our in-house team, and we worked with specialist third party contractors for other aspects of the build. Our flexible approach meant that we could identify and appoint contractors ourselves, as well as manage the work of our clients’ preferred suppliers for various aspects of the build.

Why choose SC4?

From start to finish our clients declared that SC4 Carpenters Ltd are the best company for this type of build. Our technical knowledge of timber frame installation and sustainable building, combined with our dedication to providing a high value service, meant that the project came in on time and budget. 

Our management team are always available to oversee the build and our site staff are approachable and conscientious.

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