Timberframe Erect of 560+ houses and flats at North Stoneham Park, Eastleigh

SC4 understands the importance of high quality installation of timber frame structures to ensure structural integrity, air tightness and fire safety as well as the smooth follow-on for other trades.

In 15 months from March 2018 to August 2019, SC4 Carpenters Ltd erected 250+ timber frame houses and flats for timberframe manufacturer, Taylor Lane at Phases 1, 4 and 6 of this Highwood site in North Stoneham Park, Eastleigh. A further 100+ homes on Phases 4 and 7 were erected by SC4 in Autumn 2019-Spring 2020 and in Spring 21, SC4 started installation of a further 186 units in Phases 5 & 9 which were completed in Spring 2022.

In 2022/23, SC4 went on to install a further 63 units for Taylor Lane and Highwood at their Award Winning, Old Mansion House,  Stoneham Park site (Phase 10).

In parallel, SC4 also carried out the Carpentry works for a further 250+ new-build houses and flats for developer, Highwood Construction, on Phases 2a, 2b, 8 and 9 of the same site.

Paul Harris, Senior Construction Manager at Taylor Lane describes SC4 Carpenters Ltd as providing “an excellent and reliable timber frame erect service, in terms of quality and on site management input."

Timber Frame at Old Mansion House site, Eastleigh

Timberframe works at Old Mansion House (South Stoneham Park) commenced in Winter 2022. SC4 Carpenters Ltd has been installing the timber frame for Taylor Lane Timber Ltd at the Highwood Group development at North Stoneham Park, Eastleigh, near Southampton, Hampshire since early 2018.

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SC4 - Radiating Success in Southampton!

SC4 complete complex timber frame structure for 171 homes, 4 weeks ahead of schedule.
On behalf of its client Prestoplan Ltd, SC4 Carpenters Ltd completed the timber structure for a mix of 171 housing association flats and houses at The Deanery, a short distance from the St Mary’s football ground in Southampton.

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Paul Harris, Senior Contracts Manager, Taylor Lane Timber Frame

Paul Harris, Senior Contracts Manager, Taylor Lane Timber Frame

An excellent and reliable timber frame erection service

In October 2019, Paul Harris, Senior Contracts Manager at timber frame manufacturers Taylor Lane described SC4 Carpenters Ltd as providing an “excellent and reliable timber frame erect service, in terms of quality and on site management input."

Since March 2018, SC4 Carpenters Ltd has erected almost 300 houses and flats for timber frame manufacturer Taylor Lane at the Highwood Construction site in North Stoneham Park, Eastleigh over a number of phases.

Timber Frame Installation

SC4 Carpenters Ltd provides a high quality installation-only or supply and fit service. As a member of the  Structural Timber Association, SC4 Carpenters Ltd benefits from excellent technical knowledge ensuring that your timber frame products are installed to the highest standard and that designed levels of air tightness, insulation, u values, etc. are achieved. 
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