How To Source The Best Carpentry And Joinery Professionals For Your Construction Project

SC4 Carpenters - 11-Nov-2021

A Carpenter and Joiner has one of the key skillsets required for a wide range of construction projects. Although there is a considerable overlap of skills between carpentry and joinery, the two are quite distinct; so, if you’re a construction business or main contractor looking for a trustworthy and professional carpentry contractor for your construction project, or are considering a career in the industry, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between carpentry and joinery.

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The 5% Club Charter

Katy Hall, Director - 01-Nov-2021

SC4 is proud to have signed The 5% Club Charter and that we have repeatedly exceeded the promises made in this Charter for many years by having a minimum 5% of our UK workforce enrolled on formalised apprentice, sponsored student and/or graduate development schemes.

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What is Social Value and why it is important to us?

Katy Hall, Director - 26-Oct-2021

In this article we explain what Social Value in Construction means to us. We are proud that our company represents a diverse local social and ethnic community where the benefits provided by individual skills and experience, knowledge, expertise, neurodiversity and conditions such as dyslexia are valued and our workforce and local community is supported.

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Highwood Construction - Stronger than Ever

Katy Hall, Director - 25-Oct-2021

SC4 Carpenters Ltd has been working in partnership with Highwood Construction since 2018 and is proud that they have described working with us as "an absolute pleasure!" The feeling is mutual and we were also proud to work with Highwood on a project for the ManGang charity. Read more about Highwood and ManGang in this article in the Construction and Civil Engineering (CCE) Magazine.

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How Can The Carpentry Industry Emerge Stronger After Covid-19?


While many sectors have been able to insulate themselves by taking emergency measures, such as homeworking, construction has proved to be vulnerable to the extensive collateral damage of the virus.

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Timber Frame Construction: What’s The Cost?


The benefits of timber frame construction are hard to ignore, whether you’re a project manager responsible for the redevelopment of land, or a self-builder seeking an affordable way to create your dream home.

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Complement Your Latest Construction Project With A Painting And Decorating Contractor

SC4 Carpenters - 22-Sep-2021

When the construction of your project has been completed, painting and decorating is the most effective way to bring the building alive so that it’s ready to welcome its new occupants.

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Timber Frame Housing Vs Traditional Construction: What’s The Best Option For Your Next Construction Project?


Conventional construction methods have become the failsafe choice for most building projects, yet modern engineering and architecture has enabled the construction of timber framed housing instead.

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The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Commercial Carpentry And Joinery Contractor

Conrad Hall - 10-Sep-2021

From windows and door frames to staircases and entire structural beams, carpentry and joinery services are best delivered by expert contractors.

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Suicide Prevention Day - Construction

Katy Hall, Director - 09-Sep-2021

On World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, we have republished a couple of videos from 2019 which are sadly still relevant today. In the construction industry deaths from suicide are around ten times higher than deaths from injury, and each death is one too many.

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